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Civil Litigation

Whether you are getting sued as a defendant, have a claim against another party as a plaintiff, or have a landlord-tenant dispute, let our firm help you navigate the civil litigation process.


Family Law

Our firm can assist with your legal issues relating to family law, from a divorce, to contempt motions, post-judgment enforcement, restraining orders, and more.  We are happy to assist with all your family law needs. 


Are you looking to get a contract drafted, have questions regarding contract terms, or do you require representation enforcing a contract or defending against a breach of contract?  Let our firm help with all your contract needs.

Personal Injury

Were you injured in a car accident or as the result of a slip and fall?  Our team has experience handling personal injury claims, and we strive to get our clients the best result possible.

Criminal Defense

Have you or someone close to you been charged with a crime, or are under investigation by the police?  Our firm can assist with DUIs, speeding tickets, drug arrests, restraining orders, and other crimes.  Let our team help you through the difficult criminal defense process.

Probate Litigation

Our firm can assist with your claims related to estates, trusts, and wills, such as breach of fiduciary duty and undue influence.  Reach out to our team today to learn how we can represent your interests.


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